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The areas  I specialize in include:




Mood swings


Relationship issues


Navigating pressurized and competitive work environments

Sustaining sobriety and dealing with issues underlying addiction.

Building a family through adoption, donor egg/sperm, IVF or surrogacy


Couples/Marital Counseling (a significant portion of my practice is devoted to couples work)


The fee:


My fee is in line with New York City rates. I reserve a portion of my practice for patients whose financial situation requires a sliding scale fee and we can discuss your situation during the initial consultation. 




I am an "out of network" provider for many insurance companies and this often covers between 60 and 80 percent of my fee. I am happy to assist you with the claim submission process. Some questions to ask your insurance provider are:


Do I have "out of network" benefits for mental health treatment?


What percent of the fee do they cover?


Do I have to meet a deductible first and what is that deductible?


If this process or these terms are unfamiliar to you, we can discuss insurance further during the consultation.

Areas of Expertise and Fees/Insurance



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