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Welcome to my practice

We all, at different times, are upset or confused, face loss, struggle with relationships or work, sense something is missing, feel haunted by our past, or just plain stuck.  Unraveling these human experiences – both emotionally and cognitively – is the work of therapy.  


I am a licensed psychotherapist and marriage counselor located in NYC's Flat Iron District and am passionate about helping people discover and create the lives they want. With years of experience and training, I know how to work with a range of patients - those who are eager to start and those who are ambivalent, those who have a concrete problem, and those whose entire life feels off track.  My style is compassionate, interactive, and practical. You set the pace and agenda; I will follow your lead, as you are the true expert on your life, even if it does not always feel that way.



For more than ten years, I have seen first hand how therapy transforms lives. My clients see results, big and small.


Their mood shifts.


They find relief from symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-sabotaging behavior.  


They realize that they can approach their relationships, professions and other aspects of their life differently. 


They gain access parts of themselves they did not know existed or were buried for a very long time.


Equally important, I help patients attain a sense of personal understanding, purpose, and fulfillment that feels authentic and comes from within.


The possibilities are truly infinite.



What Makes Me Different


With advanced training in different psychotherapeutic approaches, I customize my approach to the needs of each individual and couple.


In addition, as a former attorney and graduate of a selective nationally recognized leadership development program, I am equipped to offer guidance and support to those in highly competitive and pressurized careers or struggling with work-life balance.

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