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"Searching for the right therapist can be a difficult, confusing and overwhelming task so I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Melorra. While sharing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences have made me feel vulnerable at times, Melorra has always been able to establish a secure, safe environment that allows for candid, authentic and judgement-free communication. She has encouraged me to view situations from various perspectives that, in turn, allow for deeper clarity and understanding and enable a more constructive path forward."


"Melorra Sochet is an exceptional therapist and a true professional. Her empathetic and insightful counseling helped me navigate an incredibly difficult personal time as I recovered from a painful divorce and the many challenges that came with it. Melorra’s ability to listen thoughtfully and identify practical strategies to help me tackle complex issues gave me great comfort and the extra support I needed. I continue to consider her an essential advisor both professionally and personally."


"Working with Melorra was a wonderful experience. Prior to meeting her, I had been going to therapy for several years with other practitioners, but Melorra was the first therapist that made me feel safe, seen and heard. Her manner was kind and warm, always patiently helping me to arrive at my truth."


"Melorra has been a wonderful marriage counselor for us. She keenly understands the context of NYC work, family, social and educational lives, is adept at helping  us better understand the other, being a bridge and keeping communication going during times of stress, and enabling us with the tools to better deal with conflict in our everyday lives. She has also been great with topics like anger management and strengthening relationships with our children. She is very understanding and empathetic, and I'm amazed at her ability to jump into a discussion fully attuned not only to where we are as a couple, but also where each of us are as individuals, and this attitude and approach has really helped us in turn become more empathetic and understanding towards one another, a key in improving our relationship. In addition she is fair and balanced and doesn't take sides, which can be difficult to balance when working with couples. We are thankful to have found her, and deeply appreciate her work with us."


"Since beginning our healing journey with you, we have become better partners and parents, things that were not possible before we could learn to see ourselves and each other more honestly as emotional beings and that's something you really helped us do."


"Our  relationship has grown and improved from our work together. We are better listeners to each other, better communicators of our feelings, more aware of triggers (our own and each other's) and how to resolve a triggering episode without letting it explode into something worse. We can attribute much of that improvement to our time working with you." 


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