Who am I?

Melorra Sochet is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with psychoanalytic and couples training. She has experience in both outpatient mental health institutes and private practice.  In each of these settings she has worked extensively with young, middle-aged, and older adults, as well as couples in all phases of a relationship.

Ms. Sochet graduated from New York University's Silver School of Social Work, Northeastern University School of Law and Columbia College.  She has advanced clinical training in interpersonal, relational and modern psychoanalysis and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Ms. Sochet practiced law, and uses this experience to assist patients struggling in competitive and pressurized work environments. Her private practice is in Manhattan's Flat Iron District. 




During the session, I am an active and compassionate participant. My first goal is to create a trusting and shame free environment in which you feel heard. We then work to understand your challenges and what is first identified often changes as the work evolves. Using a relational and modern psychoanalytic approach,  I alternate between careful listening, reflecting back what I hear, questioning, clarifying and interpreting, and devising strategies for addressing current issues. Together we look at what is going on for you currently, talk about your past, and notice patterns, both conscious and unconscious, that extend from your past to your present. We pay attention to what happens between you and me in the room and consider how these interactions may provide us a window into the problems and dynamics you face in the outside world.  In addition, I integrate cognitive behavioral therapy and coaching if a particular situation warrants, such as in cases of extreme anxiety or negative thought patterns. 


The goal through our work together is not only symptom relief, though that is a significant achievement.  I also hope to help you to develop a stronger sense of who you are and a belief in yourself so that you are  more comfortable in your own skin. You will have greater resilience to weather life’s inevitable adversity and a deeper ability to connect to others and to engage in and take satisfaction from both work and play.