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Who are my couples?

The quality of our lives is directly tied to the quality of our relationships.

We need to invest in our relationships to assure their health and longevity.

Couples therapy

Are you tired of trying to get through to your partner?


Feeling alone in your relationship can be the worst kind of loneliness.


I have helped hundreds of couples create the relationship they want, or respectfully end a relationship that is no longer working.

The one mistake couples can make in seeking support is waiting too long.  The longer misunderstandings, hurts, and resentments fester and destructive communications patterns become habituated, the harder it can be to rebuild trust, respect, care, and connection. Don’t wait. For the sake of your relationship, reach out today.


Couples come to me in all phases of distress:

Some are disillusioned about love or partnership and are considering separation, others are deciding whether to marry and/or have children. Some couples are struggling raising children, or are also in professional relationships together that have become problematic. Some want to reduce fighting, process betrayal, hurt or anger, and to improve communication and trust. Others want help deepening their sense of connection and intimacy with their partner.

Not all couples therapies are equally effective, and not all effective therapies provide each couple with an approach right for them.

I have certified  expertise in two powerful couples modalities- Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, created by Dr. Sue Johnson, and Relational Life Therapy, created by Terry Real. 


With this dual expertise, I effectively tailor my approach to the particular needs of each couple, whether they are explosive, or shut down, whether they are looking to take a deep dive into their relationship to understand and shift destructive and painful patterns of relating, or are simply looking to address a particular problem, or learn a set of skills and tools that will help them improve communication. I am experienced in working with couples where one or both members has a history of trauma, or substance abuse, as well as those struggling with sexual intimacy or betrayal. 


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Relational Life Therapy are highly effective with the majority of couples and practiced worldwide. Experiential by design and nature, they produce profound change in an accelerated and palpable way.

As you and your partner move through different phases of treatment you can expect to see: 


Fighting and other destructive modes of relating subside.
A deeper understanding of yourself and your partner to  develop.
A greater sense of safety, openness, and communication with your partner. 


The bonds of love, connection, and partnership to return and grow stronger.

More skills for parenting, managing anger and diffusing conflict to be available to you.


Not all couples decide that staying together is what’s best for them. If, during the course of our work, you come to the conclusion that it makes most sense to separate, I am  committed to helping you do so respectfully and thoughtfully.  If there are children, I assist with all aspects of co-parenting.



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